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Down on Skid Row

Posted by thisisace on October 29, 2008

I came across this today by accident – and have been replaying it for the last half hour !

It’s a song from the brilliant musical film Little Shop of Horrors called Skid Row:

For a comic contrast, if you want a job that causes pain, trying this song (starring Steve Martin) as a recommendation ! 😉

And if you haven’t seen the film – do ! It’s amazing !


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Tom Milsom’s new track

Posted by thisisace on October 3, 2008

If, like me,  you’re a fan of the amazing Tom Milsom, you love the new track he has available from his Myspace page. It’s called Paradoxical Brain Cancer (the lyrics explain why !) and is incredibly catchy. I’ve been playing it repeatedly all evening since I heard it.

Oh, and if you’re new to Tom’s music, you can check out his music videos at and his (hugely recommended) album is available from

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Sean Mac is an amazing singer (and rather hot too!)

Posted by thisisace on September 29, 2008

Had a Youtube friend request from this guy and found myself an amazing new singer !

He’s Sean Mac and you can hear clips of some of his songs at SEAN MAC official. Highly recommended !

Video of his new single is here:

Enjoy !

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